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Copyright 2016(c) The Lemurian Plug, Inc., Mesa, Arizona, United States.  All Rights Reserved

The Company

About The Lemurian Plug, Inc.

The Lemurian Plug, Inc., was founded in Mesa, Arizona, USA, in 2016 by inventor Geoffrey Radford to manufacture The Lemurian Plug® and offer it to the public as a valuable device for electromagnetic healing.

Current owners Jim and Janet took over to continue and expand Radford's cutting edge work.  They continue to make improvements as advancements in technology and user feedback become available.


The Lemurian Plug, Inc, has shipped more than 5000 Lemurian Plugs® to all corners of the globe, been featured in many seminars and radio broadcasts,  attracted hundreds of grateful testimonial comments from customers (see Reviews).

The company is now working on offering reseller and affiliate opportunities to customers who love The Plug and want to share it with others.