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Questions & Answers About the Plug

​​​Q: We tested our plug and did not detect the frequency. Please explain?


A:   The Lemurian Frequency

We call it a frequency because Geoffrey Radford called it a frequency. Whether it is a frequency by modern electronics definition, we can't say.

It may be a frequency, an energy, a field or something else we really don't yet or have a name for. So for now, we choose to call it, "The Frequency". It, The Frequency, is our product. We install it on The Plugs by proprietary method prior to shipment. 

When you purchase The Lemurian Plug, You are purchasing The Frequency and The Plug which is The Frequency's carrier. After you optimize your cell phone, it then becomes your portable carrier of The Frequency. Then you place The Plug "in close proximity" to a live electrical outlet (In North America, simply plug it in.)   so that The Frequency can piggyback onto the circuit and spread itself throughout your home. You then can extend the energized circuit by using extension cords plugged into outlets on that circuit. A "circuit" means everything on your side of the meter. You have more than one circuit when you have more than one meter.

Q. I live in a country with a 220/240 volt electrical system. Can I plug in The

Plug with the circuit turned off? Should I use an adapter?

A. The Plug is listed by Underwriters Laboratories for a maximum of 125 volts. Higher voltage will cause overheating which will damage The Plug and possibly cause a fire! Having said that, The plug does not operate on electricity. Therefore, it does not need a direct connection to wiring in order to piggyback its frequency onto a circuit. It only needs to be in close proximity to the circuit's live wiring. The circuit must be "live". This is why we recommend attaching The Plug to an outlet with prongs facing away from the wall via Velcro, tape or zip ties.

A2. Use of adapters: The Lemurian Plug, Inc. has not tested and can not test all available adapters

and therefore, cannot recommend their use and safety. It is the user's responsibility to use The Plug as directed and therefore, the user assumes responsibility for damages resulting from maladies such as fires while using any electrical adapter device with the Lemurian Plug. 

Q. Can EMF reduction from The Plug be measured by a meter?

A. Scott from California, best answered this by saying "I want to save you some disappointment if I can. I believe that if you buy an expensive EM meter to see whether the Lemurian Plug is blocking the emissions from a smart meter or any other device, you will find that it does not do so. I don’t actually know how the Plug does what it does, but I know that it isn’t blocking any EM fields or transmissions. What is does do is somehow change the frequency of EM radiations so that they are not harmful to our bodies.

Prior to getting my Plug, I was using “Tachyon home electrosmog protection” from This is a little disc that is mounted on the circuit breaker panel for the house. I paid 110 euros for it and felt that it was worth the price. Using various dowsing methods ( pendulum, muscle testing, etc) I was able to determine that there was no longer any indication that my computer, wi-fi router, and various appliances were adversely affecting anyone in the house.

I bought the Plug anyway because of it’s healing properties. Before installing the Plug, I enlisted my long suffering wife (she is often the first one that I try new healing methods and technologies on) to first retest all of the usual sources disruptive EM. I muscle tested her next to the wi-fi router, and a couple different computers and found that the tachyon device was still being effective.

I was wondering how I was going to test whether the Plug is making any difference. It occurred to me to try her next to an operating microwave oven. I hadn’t done that before since we absolutely do not microwave our food but we have an old oven that we use to heat up hot packs. So I turned it on as she stood next to it and tested her arm and she had no strength.

Then I added in our new Plug and retested her next to all the sources of noxious EM radiations, including the microwave, and she was quite strong. If the Plug actually blocked EM radiations then the wi-fi, cell phones, and microwave wouldn’t work at all. If it blocked the smart meter, then you would soon have someone from your local power utility knocking on your door.

Anyway, I believe, based on my experience and testing that you can rest easy knowing that a smart meter or any other common source of EM emissions will not harm you as long as the Plug is at work.

Q:     I plugged my phone charger into the outlet on the bottom of The Plug and it did not charge my phone. Is my Plug working?

A:     Yes. The outlet on the bottom of The Lemurian Plug is intentionally switched off during the frequency add on process. It is dead. We do not recommend plugging things into The Plug because no power comes through it. Your phone will still need its battery charged by connecting the charger to a live electrical outlet. To marry the cell phone to The Plug and make the phone your portable Lemurian Frequency carrier, simply place the phone in contact with The Plug for 4 minutes. 

Q. If I use more than one Plug in my house, will that be more beneficial?

A. Sometimes. All homes are different in size and shape. One Plug is great on a one level home with 2,000 square feet or less unless you have

Higher emf exposure. See below. A multi level home could benefit from one Plug per level. A 4,500 square foot home should start with three. 

Q. I live close to high tension power transmission lines. Do I need additional plugs?

A. Yes. The number of plugs necessary depends on the amount or volume of negativity exposure. In a situation unlike yours, one per electrical meter is recommended. Being close to transmission lines is a clue to double up. In situations with low volume negativity, sometimes one per level works well.

Q. A smart meter was just installed for my home, will The Plug protect me from that?

A. The smart meter increases the negativity of the EMF's and will require more positive energy to combat it. Please read Q & A above. The same answer would apply.

Q. Is an electrical system required to make the Plug work?

A. The Plug is not activated or energized by electricity. The Frequency is attracted to flowing electric current so it needs electricity to piggy-back. If there is no electricity (off grid), it will only work 5 feet around the Plug, just as it is 5 feet around the cell phone.

Q:   I see that you use PayPal to process orders. Do I need a PayPal account to order The Plug?

A:   No. PayPal is our means to provide a secure platform for credit card users. If you DO have a PayPal account, please make sure that your address in the PayPal account is current. The shipping label will be printed with the address on the PayPal account. Keeping the account updated will ensure  that The Plug gets shipped to your current address rather than a former address

Q: For those people who are just taking your word for it and don’t feel any different than before, how do they know for sure that it’s working?

A. My suggestion is, go and buy some flowers, put them is a vase, put your cell phone underneath it or lean it against the vase and just see what happens.This is of course after you marry it to the cell phone.


Q.How do you marry the cell phone to the Plug?

A.  Lay the cell phone on the table, place the Plug upon it, and leave it there for about 4 minutes. Now the cell phone has the same frequency as the Plug. The Plug will not lose its frequency, and the cell phone will not lose its frequency until the battery runs out.


Q. I live in a condo unit with 25 small condos. Will the Plug be drained?

A. No, it cannot drain. It just goes wherever the electricity is on your side of your electric meter.


Q. Caller describes many physical symptoms and asks if the Plug will help him.

A. Get the Plug and then get an extension cord, run it up and down underneath your bed 6 or 7 times or maybe 3 or 4 times would be enough. This is something you will have to experiment with, but you must go from the top to the bottom so it covers your whole body. See how that does. I think that will give you  concentrated healing energies .


Q. My dad has a tumor in his colon. If I wrap an extension cord around that, will it help him?

A. It may help, yes. Bunch it up on the colon. Wrap the cord up into a tight ball and concentrate it over the colon.

Q. My son has a hernia (torn muscle) in his groin. I was going to call and set up an appointment for surgery, but would like to know if using The Plug will help. 

A. It won’t do it any harm. If he has the operation, put the extension cord underneath his bed and he will heal a lot faster.


Q. Is there anything that would minimize the effects of The Plug, equipment or other things that people might not know?

A. From what I know of The Plug, it will enhance anything that is man-made. I haven’t found anything that it is detrimental to.

Q. Would the Plug work just as well on a landline phone as a cell phone?

A. No, it only works with a cellular devices.

Q. Does the Plug neutralize the negative effects of Wi-Fi?

A. Yes it will.


Q. How does the Plug affect the EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) emitted from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.?

A. It neutralizes the frequencies.


Q.Will The Plug reduce my electric bill?

A. Those of you who have a refrigerator may have noticed that it got colder. You should be able to turn it down a little and save some electricity. If you like, keep track of what’s happening with a refrigerator thermometer. Those of us who live on the computer 24/7 may be protected. Computers will now not deplete your energy the way they did. 


Q. Can I move The Plug from one house to another? I’m moving in June.

A. It’s your Plug. Wherever you go you can take The Plug. But remember, once the Plug is detached, the frequency is going to leave the house, 


Q. It’s my understanding that there are some insects that can’t live in the higher frequencies that we are moving up into. I’m wondering if that’s the reason it doesn’t drive ladybugs away, but drives other pests away.

A. Ladybugs, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, things of that nature, are beneficial so they will not leave. It is ones that are destructive that cannot stand the energy, they have lower energy, therefore they leave.


Q. Will the Plug drive away the fleas on my dog?

A. If you let the dog out, he is going to get fleas. Before you bring him in the house keep him in the 5-foot area for about 2 minutes. The fleas will leave and then take him in the house. 


Q. I’m wondering if it will work for moles?

A. That's an animal. Animals like the frequency. Dogs and cats love it. There has been some very nice testimonies on the benefits it has had for some house pets and their aging.

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