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The Lemurian Plug®


Your experience is important to us if you would like yo share your testimonial with us feel free to send it to us.  
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Greetings from Healing Tree Harmonics here in Vernon B.C., Canada!We have been sharing all the benefits of the Lemurian Plug through supportive energy testing andanalysis. We can truly say that it has been a helpful tool for everyone we have serviced over the past 4years – including family, friends and our clients!


Amazing benefits of the Lemurian Plug include:

• It is a human cell protective energy device. The Lemurian Plug reduces the weakening cellular effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (E-smog broadcast from 5G, Microwave Cell towers, etc)


• By effectively lowering E-smog stress at the cellular level, it supports electrolyte balance and ultimately hydration in the human body.


Helps to offset “dirty electricity” when plugged into the wall outlet at your office or home.


• Raises the energy – or “Life Force” of anything it comes in contact with – such as food, vitamins, herbs and, of course people too!


People are quick to purchase and share this cost-effective tool once they witness the benefits through analysis and testing.We are in gratitude to Jim and Janet for their support in offering this much needed harmonizing tool.Blessings and Light for all that you do!


Kindest Regards,Braden & Lucille

Sujin from South Korea

"This plug is a life saver to me. I suffered from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) for over 5 years and the symptoms are gone after a day I received the plug. Now I can focus more on recovery without worrying about further damage. This plug is made with Quantum technology, it works remarkably well if the user is open-minded or feels somehow connected to the product. If you don't know about Quantum and are wondering why and how this plug can work without a complicated looking machine inside, you can do some research on Radionics or Nikola Tesla. This product is absolutely legit and a masterpiece. The more you are open to it, the more this plug can bring health to you."

Bonnie from Sun City, AZ

I'm severely chemically sensitive (MCS-Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and can not touch my phone. It's placed on a phone caddy, on a tray, and I use a computer pencil to touch. Tinnitus increases when in room with phone. I get burned if I touch it.
With that said I immediately married phone with The Lemurian Plug. Immediate results about 95% of symptoms gone. After a week it's 98%. Miraculous for someone with MCS so severe that I can only survive with hermit status.
Thank you for carrying on with Jeffrey's gift to our world.

Jan from BC Canada

Despite trying numerous remedies to improve my sleep, I was still suffering with acute insomnia.  I put one Lemurian plug on my end table by my bed and had the best night sleep ever.  I now sleep with it beside my bed every night and my sleep has continued to be so much better.  It was much less expensive than all the other so-called remedies and it actually worked.(NOTE; She also has The Lemurian Plug energies running throughout her home as per instructions)

My new rescue cat was vomiting up her food.  I did everything the vet websites said to do and then I thought, "why not try the Lemurian plug?"

I put it under her blankets on her bed and within a couple of hours, she was up, was more energetic and playful.  Two days later she is the most active and alert I have seen her in the 2 1/2 weeks she has been with us.  She seems happier, more affectionate and content and is eating well.  Using the Lemurian plug was certainly much cheaper than a vet bill!  

I am now telling everyone about the Lemurian plug as it is something every home needs.

Rhonda from South Australia Subject; Dog

 Hello, I want to tell everyone the success story of our gorgeous, elderly Golden Retriever. She hurt her back at least 3 years ago and ended up with very painful arthritis and a distinct bump on her spine. I had her on many different supplements and took her to an animal chiropractor. Nothing seemed to help very much. After about 2 days of her bathing in the plugs energies, she woke up the next morning and, I kid you not, the bump was GONE on her spine and her walking gait was pretty much back to normal. She used to sort of drag her hind leg behind her, and I could see the pain in her eyes. Now this morning something very small caught her eye. This is very unusual because she has cataracts. So I checked in her eyes and I am almost positive the cataracts are dissolving! I asked my husband and he thinks her eyesight is improving also. Just amazing! I am so happy for my big girl. I honestly thought she wasn't long for this world but now, with this new lease on life, she could be with us for a good long time. THANK YOU so much for this plug! I must say we too have benefited in a number of ways with the plugs energies. My knees which used to be painful, stiff and clunky are much better.

Angie from Cavite, Philippines

I just wanted you to know that the Lemurian Plug is amazing. Today my broadband internet was interrupted, and I had to use my phone as a hotspot to continue working on my laptop. Normally I'd start getting a headache within 30 minutes from prolonged cellular use as a wifi hotspot. I've been going on for nearly three hours and it's as if I'm not using my mobile phone at all. No fatigue in my arms, no headache, or tension in my face. Thank you so much for sharing this to the world at an affordable price

​Julia from Alberta Canada

I've been using The Lemurian Plug for 6 months now and its been amazing! Better sleep, long lasting fresh foods, overall great energy in the house. I even ordered one for my mom and its been a game changer for her. She used to be on her phone for 2 minutes and get an instant headache. She couldn't sleep with it beside her and couldn't even have the WIFI router on with discomfort. Now, after having the Plug for only a week she doesn't notice any discomfort around any technology!

Janet C BCS Mexico

I have been using the Lemurian plugs for about 10 months and I am in LOVE with them. I purchased two for my home as it is a larger home and thought it might be best. The things that I have personally noticed with the plugs is 1) I have an old cell phone in my refrigerator, my pantry and on my counter where I keep fresh produce and it does keep my food fresher for longer in all 3 spaces. 2) I also have noticed that I do not have dust flying through the air in my home either. 3) The biggest discovery for me just came days ago when a friend I referred to your product told me she watched a video and mentioned how the world would harmonize more if this product was purchased by more people. In that video the gentleman also discussed the healing aspect of the plug and its energy. I had never used this and to be truthful forgot that it was a possibility. I have been suffering for the last few months with very itchy skin on my legs. I would scratch until I bled. I was in tears knowing I shouldn't be scratching this hard yet couldn't stop. I tried rubbing alcohol, soothing lotions, calimine lotion and natural products and NOTHING was working. Every night as I relaxed before bed my legs would start to itch and I would start to scratch. I wrapped an extention cord, plugged into an outlet around my legs. I have done this for 2 days and the itching as ceased. I am one happy camper and I will continue to promote your product to friends and family. Thank you so much for your service to us. I love you for it.

Health Store in British Columbia, Canada

We have been marketing the Lemurian Plug in our store since November of 2019 and are having great success because we can test clients cell phones at what level the burden of the cell phone is before and after it has been Lemurianized 4 min. We use German technology know as Time Waver and also Rayonex Bio-Feedback technology. Feedback from purchasers who implement the Lemurian Plug according to suggested use are finding the following
Better sleep
Energy improvement
Nutrition improvement
NO FEAR of my cell phone
Pets more active (no e-smog effects-accumulation of electromagnetic fields)
Huge awareness of the affects of e-smog (EMF)

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