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Geoffrey Radford,
Inventor & Founder

Geoffrey Radford




"This [plug] frequency neutralizes toxicity. I can’t explain it any simpler than that. I leave it to your own imagination.


"It will completely transform your house. For instance, if you had gone to the store and bought some vegetables that had been sprayed with toxic chemicals, in 2 days they would become organic. The chemicals will have been neutralized completely. Say you have a carrot and it’s in the ground. There’s a certain amount of energy in that carrot. When you take it out of the ground it loses energy. Once you start cutting it and cutting and cutting it, it will lose more energy. You can take one piece of that carrot and leave it in your house on something I’m going to explain in a minute, and it will go back to exactly the same state that it was in the ground.


"Once you get this plug, plug it in and then plug your cell phone into another outlet in your house and let it charge up. That frequency will then be transferred into your cell phone. Now you can use your cell phone as a helping hand in doing vegetables or anything else because the cell phone will now do in 4 minutes what it would take the Plug to do in 3 days. For instance, if you have your vegetables you’ve brought back from the store and you have a little platform you can have your cell phone under, and you put the vegetables on it, you can leave it there for a half an hour, whatever you wish. It will neutralize everything there instantaneously. Now you can put it in the fridge. Done! But remember, if it’s being done by the plug, it takes 2 days.


"Now this was discovered about coffee. Most people believe coffee is a nice drink. It is. It’s very good. I drink it myself every day. But when the Plug goes into a house, the only thing I have ever found that does not go according to the spin that it should is coffee. It takes 2 days to change the coffee to a spin of positive energy. Now what I understand, way, way, way, way, way back, coffee was banned in Europe for this particular reason. This is going back a long time. Also I was told that medicine started in the early days with 2 ways of curing. One was chemical and the other was color. Color was tossed aside and medicine came through. What this energy is, comes from a color and I think it comes from those times.


"There is a particular device that I received from Kathleen, the one from Lemuria, how to build this device, and it’s a crystalline device, it’s got a number of different colors on it. We’ve seen it, it’s  a plate and that particular plate is what powers all of these plugs. Once the Plugs are in contact with this plate they are completely powered from there on. This device is Atlantean/Lemurian/ancient and that’s what’s needed here so the Plugs that he’s selling are the ones that will actually transmit the energies. If everyone had a Plug across the planet, it would transmit the energy across the entire planet. The cell phones will also transmit the energies so you can marry 2 cell phones together, that will transmit the energies as well and be able to neutralize non-beneficial energies any place you are.  That’s the whole idea here. These are real and it’s not business as usual any more."

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