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About Geoffrey Radford, Inventor & Founder

Geoffrey Radford began manufacturing The Lemurian Plug® in 2015, incorporated the company in 2016, and achieved worldwide distribution before his death in 2017.

He first got the idea from a woman who claimed to be from ancient "Lemuria" at a New York City Health Expo in 1985.  She challenged him to "fix" man-made projects all over the world with a certain energetic frequency.  

Leery at first but curious, Radford conducted numerous experiments over the next 30 years, after which he invented The Lemurian Plug® and offered it to the public for the first time in 2015, 

Radford was born in London in 1936, and became a tennis professional who represented Australia at Wimbledon in 1955.  He attended the NYC Health Expo while operating a tennis training facility there.

Geoffrey Radford
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