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Frequency Healing Device

 Neutralize the harmful effects of EMF's and reduce Toxins in your environment 

"Best EMF Protection"

iPhone EMF Protection ( all cell devices) - EMF Protection for Home or Office

By Purchasing The Lemurian Plug you will own a powerful neutralizer for today's energetically and chemically polluted world.  This amazing device is intended to improve the energy of your living, sleeping and working spaces.  It is suggested to first change the energies of your cell phone (and/or cellular tablet) so that it safely links you to your world.

By optimizing your cell phone and transforming  your potentially harmful device into your portable Lemurian Frequency carrier and healing device!  Your cellular phone is now at the center of a ten foot diameter sphere that is The Lemurian Frequency!



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The Lemurian Plug is a unique discovery that our founder Geoffrey Radford was gifted with many years ago. He was able to discover how to place this special gift into this product to make it available for all to enjoy.  Efforts have been made to keep this technology as affordable as possible for the good of mankind. 

Thousands have experienced relief and protection from 5G, EMF's negative energy, and have enjoyed restorative frequencies for healing.

The positive energy flowing through your home helps to  neutralize toxins in the foods to make them last longer and safer to eat. It also helps your appliances run more energy efficiently.

 One per 1000 square feet or 93 square meters is recommended but may need to have additional if you are in an area of high use of Wi-Fi, near a cell phone tower, electrical high wires or transmission box or have a smart meter placed on your home.


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