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About The Proprietors

Jim and Janet were friends and business associates of Geoffrey Radford, inventor and founder of The Lemurian Plug®, prior to his death in 2017.  Jim was able to add value to The Plug by applying The Lemurian Frequency via a proprietary method developed by Mr. Radford.

After Mr. Radford's death, Jim became Chairman of the Board and Communications Director of the newly-formed corporation to carry on the manufacture, marketing, and sales of The Lemurian Plug®.  At that time, Jim had already personally experienced pain relief and healing when using The Plug.


Janet started working with Geoffrey in late 2015 and  currently is the corporation's Chief Executive Officer in charge of inventory, accounting, sales, order processing, and shipping.  She has automated and streamlined every aspect of the business since taking over.

Jim and Janet are originally from the Upper Midwest, now live and operate the business in Mesa, Arizona.  You can contact them by clicking HERE:

Jim and Janet Jensen

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