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Founder Geoffrey Radford
Original Interview (Audio)
Click on the below "The Real Truth Call" to listen to the call

When you receive The Lemurian Plug

Extend life of fresh produce 

Reinhard Stanjek from Richmond Canada talks about the energies from

            The Lemurian Plug

more information from him and Orgone Generators on his web site

Tips for Pain Relief

Selected Media Links
      The Love Connection Radio
Hear hosts talk about and explain experiences with The Lemurian Plug
Open Your Mind Radio Interview
An optional International adaptation
Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - The Lemurian Plug

Many questions about The Lemurian Plug are answered on this weekly call show from.




The audio runs 1hr 47 min and The Lemurian Plug interview

start about 9min in.

                       Click the arrow below to listen.

Call in Program 3/2021Bodywave International
00:00 / 1:47:56
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