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5G Defense* Neutralize Toxins * Protect Yourself from EMFs * Enjoy Restorative Frequencies for Healing

Preserve Food * Transfer Energy to Phones * Appliances run more Energy Efficiently * One per 1000 Sq. Ft area is recommended.


Christine, France

  Rapidly we have noticed, , an important raise in the vibratory rate of our house (we work with scales and pendulum).


Mary Jean, USA

I love my Plug. The energy in my home is so peaceful, the dust is minimal and lays on furniture rather than flying...and my electric bill is lower- even after the heat wave!


Allan, Canada

Within 24 hrs of getting my plug my chest pain went away. Another 24 hrs and many of the aches in pain in my body disappeared.

We have shipped to these locations and thousands more!

Friends of The Lemurian Plug Click links below for more amazing technology

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Our Canadian Connection

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