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The Lemurian Plug Story

Based on the Work of Geoffrey Radford & Other Experts






"This [plug] frequency neutralizes toxicity. I can’t explain it any simpler than that. I leave it to your own imagination.


"It will completely transform your house. For instance, if you had gone to the store and bought some vegetables that had been sprayed with toxic chemicals, in 2 days they would become organic. The chemicals will have been neutralized completely. Say you have a carrot and it’s in the ground. There’s a certain amount of energy in that carrot. When you take it out of the ground it loses energy. Once you start cutting it and cutting and cutting it, it will lose more energy. You can take one piece of that carrot and leave it in your house on something I’m going to explain in a minute, and it will go back to exactly the same state that it was in the ground.


"Once you get this plug, plug it in and then plug your cell phone into another outlet in your house and let it charge up. That frequency will then be transferred into your cell phone. Now you can use your cell phone as a helping hand in doing vegetables or anything else because the cell phone will now do in 4 minutes what it would take the Plug to do in 3 days. For instance, if you have your vegetables you’ve brought back from the store and you have a little platform you can have your cell phone under, and you put the vegetables on it, you can leave it there for a half an hour, whatever you wish. It will neutralize everything there instantaneously. Now you can put it in the fridge. Done! But remember, if it’s being done by the plug, it takes 2 days.


"Now this was discovered about coffee. Most people believe coffee is a nice drink. It is. It’s very good. I drink it myself every day. But when the Plug goes into a house, the only thing I have ever found that does not go according to the spin that it should is coffee. It takes 2 days to change the coffee to a spin of positive energy. Now what I understand, way, way, way, way, way back, coffee was banned in Europe for this particular reason. This is going back a long time. Also I was told that medicine started in the early days with 2 ways of curing. One was chemical and the other was color. Color was tossed aside and medicine came through. What this energy is, comes from a color and I think it comes from those times.


"There is a particular device that I received from Kathleen, the one from Lemuria, how to build this device, and it’s a crystalline device, it’s got a number of different colors on it. We’ve seen it, it’s  a plate and that particular plate is what powers all of these plugs. Once the Plugs are in contact with this plate they are completely powered from there on. This device is Atlantean/Lemurian/ancient and that’s what’s needed here so the Plugs that he’s selling are the ones that will actually transmit the energies. If everyone had a Plug across the planet, it would transmit the energy across the entire planet. The cell phones will also transmit the energies so you can marry 2 cell phones together, that will transmit the energies as well and be able to neutralize non-beneficial energies any place you are.  That’s the whole idea here. These are real and it’s not business as usual any more."





"The Plug is “powered” with an ancient technology that was given to me by a Lemurian. This could be hard to believe, but if you are buying The Plug, chances are you understand what this means. This is Technology that was lost, but has found its way back to us!


"When I spoke on a radio program I mentioned a fast food restaurant and I told you how it was started, by building a post outside one corner of the building about 50 feet away and then another post about 50 feet away and two more in a square all the way around the four corners. There were cards inside these posts, one looked at the other and so on and so on until the square was formed. Now these cards that were looking at each other were crystals and they gave out a frequency. There was no electricity attached to them whatsoever. I later found out that what it was attaching to, or piggybacking on was the electricity of the building. It took a little bit of time to figure that out.


"There is not a real understanding of exactly how and why it works except that The Lemurian Frequency is attracted to live, flowing electric current. As the owner of a Plug, you have an opportunity to experiment with the frequency and use it to your advantage. You may record your experiences and share them with us as new benefits will continue to be discovered.  


"The only thing you need to know here is that by putting The Frequency in close proximity to flowing electric house current, your home will be neutralized within around 24 to 48 hours. This is powered by the crystalline plate from Lemuria which powers all the Plugs which can then also neutralize your cell phones. Once a cell phone has been optimized by the Plug (simply by laying it on the plug for 4 minutes), it will remain optimized until the battery is replaced. It does not charge your phone in the normal 3D sense. You will still need to charge you phone battery as you normally would. 


"Essentially, you have re-tuned the frequency in your home and in your electronic devices and appliances to emit a more powerful energy that is transformative in nature. It changes non-beneficial energy into beneficial energy. 


Blessings to each of you and let us know your new experiences with The Plug!"




Change the Frequency of Your Cell Phone

When you receive “The Plug” place the plug on top of your cell phone for 4 minutes.  You may also place the Plug on top of your cellular tablet.  Your device(s) now has exactly the same frequency as the Plug.


Deploy The Plug as Directed

It takes about 24 to 48 hours after The Plug is deployed to make the whole house positive. This includes anything in the house along with the walls and carpeting.  If you move, take the Plug with you.


Change in Frequency – All Appliances

While the Plug is deployed in your home, it will cause positive effects on all electric devices, such as microwaves, ovens, blenders, toasters, TVs, computers, electric blankets, even pacemakers, etc. Anything man-made will be enhanced. Your electric bill may even be reduced. You may also notice that dust will settle. The Frequency within your home stays in your home.  It will not go into another house in proximity.




Sore Places on Your Body

If you have pain or a sore shoulder, neck, knee, wrist (tunnel carpal), elbow, sprained ankle, knee, etc., plug an extension cord into an outlet and then gently wrap the extension cord around the area. (Don't cut off blood flow!) Each time you wrap the cord around, you intensify the strength. For example, 5 times around is 5 times the strength. The extension cord is picking up the frequency of the Plug through the outlet. Use this method 5 times or more and you may get some powerful relief. Do this near your bedtime for about half an hour. Then place your cell phone on the problem area with a bandage or wrap to secure it to the sore area and go to bed. People with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) put it on their chest.


Healing in General

Pain, allergies, food sensitivities, colds, sinus problems all seem to respond well to use of the Plug. As people experiment more and more with the energy of The Plug, we will have more testimonials to share.


Flowers, Food, Plants All Benefit

Flowers seem to last much longer. Place the water from the tap into a closed container. Place your cell phone on top of the container for two to three minutes. DO NOT immerse your cell phone into the water. Pour the water into your vase and place the flowers in the vase. If you water becomes cloudy, repeat the process. So far we’ve heard of some flowers that have been lasting up to 7 weeks!



When you purchase produce from your market, place your cell phone on top of or under the produce for a minimum of 4 minutes up to one hour. This produce can be used the same day it is purchased. You can also transmute your coffee. Place the coffee in its original container on your cell phone. (Coffee can take up to one day to charge.) If the food is not placed on your cell phone before it is refrigerated, it will take up to 2 days to convert to a positive energy.

When going to a restaurant, I place my glass of water on my cell phone. I always notice a difference in taste.


Garden Use

The Frequency emitted from the Plug works 5 feet around the outside of your home. You can attach an extension cord to an outlet and drag it into the garden. An outlet on an outside wall of your home will work just fine. (There is an outlet also on the bottom of the Plug. This outlet does not work and has been disabled on purpose). The Plug helps flowers and trees. An extension cord covers 5 feet on either side. Two separate extension cords can be laid parallel, 10 feet apart. This provides, in width 20 feet of coverage plus the length of the cords.


Cell Phone to Cell Phone

You can convert many other cell phones to the new frequency during the life of your phone. This is called marrying the cell phones. Just place your phone on another person’s cell phone for 4 minutes. Now both phones have exactly the same frequency as the plug. The cell phone will not lose its frequency until the battery runs out. The newly “optimized” phone can do the same thing with other phones, and so on...




Non-Beneficial Insects Don’t Like the Frequency

Suzy from Texas: We’ve had so much rain in Texas the last few months and we’ve had these huge mosquito populations. I have no mosquitoes on my patio, I have spent 2 days in the yard doing gardening work and up to 5 feet away from the house there are no bugs. I didn’t get bitten once and I didn’t use any retardant. It is amazing. I no longer have spider webs inside my windows inside my house. We’re very much in the country, a lot of trees, a lot of vegetation, and I’m hoping I won’t see a scorpion this year inside the house. Now I’ve noticed that a bug will come and say Hello and then leave. It’s not that they’re not around, and I communicate with all of Nature. They will come visit, say Hello and leave. They don’t land on my body, they don’t bite and they go. Geoff: “They’re checking out your health. They feel your vibration and they leave. The vibration is what affects them. They don’t like it so they’ll have a look around, they’ll stay a little bit because they have sent by the colony to check it out. That’s what they're doing and then they’ll leave.” I’m curious about that. If we’re to live and cohabitate with all of Nature, what is the piece about that’s unpleasant for them? Geoff: “They can’t communicate with each other. They’ve got no one to talk to so they leave.” Very interesting.


Margaret from Michigan: What happens to the bugs we consider beneficial? Do they leave?

Geoff: “What do you consider beneficial bugs?” Lady bugs. “Lady bugs will stay around. I don’t understand how it works but it has to be some sort of Divine Something because some bugs leave and some bugs stay. I don’t know why.” It feels like if it’s in harmony, in order, in Nature, then there’s a purpose for it to be there. Anne: “It could link in to your consciousness as to who you like and who you don’t like.” I don’t know if there’s a useful reason for mosquitos, but if there is I suppose they would stay too. Geoff: “From the sound of it, you should stay within 5 feet of your house.” Anne: “Or you could take an extension cord and extend it just like you did in the garden, and you can have a bug-free backyard.”


Anne from Hollow Earth Network: I’m going to stretch an extension cord down over my anthills and see what happens. Geoffrey: “You will be surprised.”


Summer Thompson: Thank you so much for connecting us with Ancient Awakenings. I ordered The Plug right away and received it within a week (paid by money order) and could feel it's high energy as soon as I took it out of the package. Following Geoffrey's instructions I put it into one electrical outlet and the cell phone I have only kept for emergencies into another outlet for the 4 minutes that Geoffrey recommended and voila, the negative energy coming from the cell phone had indeed turned to positive and a very high frequency. Continuing on with his instructions I put the cell phone on food, supplements, my landline phone and computer - all that had negative energy were instantly changed to positive! The last thing I tested it on was a bag of organic coffee - touching it before the cell phone/plug connection it felt totally dead, Geoffrey said to leave it connected for 2 days as it would take longer due to negative spin of coffee but, my experience was it changed to high energy in just 24 hours; that may be because it was sitting beside supplements that had already been charged. Geoff: “It could be that, but I am talking of the 2 days that were in the days when I did the fast food resturant. It took 2 days then. I believe that the frequency is a lot higher now. It’s a lot higher vibration now and I think things are done a lot quicker, so I think you’re right. I don’t think it has to be 2 days now. I think it could probably be a day.” Okay. Well, thank you so much. It’s wonderful and brilliant and I can’t say enough about it. I refrained from using a cell phone in the past because of the negative microwaves and now not only can I use it, but I use it as a healing instrument. So I’ve been spreading the word on that. I believe many of us would like to invest in his future company to get this amazing device out. Thank you again for connecting us with these wonderful calls and all the up to date info.


Chris: I received my Plug on 4/28/16. This Plug potential is endless. From what I experience, there is an energy frequency coming from it that opens the chakras, meridians, etc. Now, this effect is experienced without the plug attached to an electrical outlet. Once I plug it into an outlet, the energies start coming out the computer power pack and monitor screen. It seems the Lemurian Plug has a fixed vibration and when attached to any power cell, power outlet, motors, etc., it influences the field vibration by allowing the electrons to spin faster. The only reason I say this is that I studied ancient sciences. And when the atom’s electrons spin faster, the human body starts to move into a higher state of consciousness. One master particle that influences electrons are tachyons which move faster than the speed of light. I came to these conclusions about the Lemurian Plug because when you charge the phone, the field is present only when the battery is attached to the phone. Once the battery is detached, the electron flux is lost. Most of the ancient technologies deal with high dimensional energies that draw cosmic consciousness into the bodies and this consciousness activates the spiritual body....Thanks.


Steve from Las Vegas: I just wanted to relay my experience with the Plug.  I bought it a month ago and plugged it in.  What followed was amazing.  I bought it for the healing energies, not knowing the other benefits. 



The first thing I noticed was that when I purified my food using the healing/purification technique, there wasn’t near as much difference in the taste as before, telling me that the food was being purified after two days in my house, or contacting with the phone.



Cockroaches and scorpions have been a huge problem in my house for years. I would go outside after dark and there would be a "superbowl" as Geoffrey puts it. Not any more! Almost nothing; if there is one, it is usually upside down shaking its legs in discomfort. Wow!



I have roses along my house that produce almost no flowers, despite my efforts to fertilize and feed.  I didn't even buy the fertilizer this year; the plug has transformed my garden. I have a rose bush that, up until now, has never produced a rose; it now sits with at least 10 roses on it!


Geoffrey: I am going to introduce you to someone who started me in this field. She introduced me to the first meeting I ever went to. Her name is Anna Leah.

Anna Leah: Hi. I took Geoff to James’s meeting. I said there are some people there that might really understand what you’ve got. I met him here in the hot pool about 8 or 9 years ago and I saw something hanging around his neck. They were the crystal triangles and it pulled me to ask him what it was because I felt the energy. So he’s been trying for all these years to get it off the ground so I just wanted to get on and can I do some shares of people who have gone to meditation groups I’ve gone to and some of the experiences they’ve had? Just last night I went to a sound healing and a young woman who got The Plug wrote me today and said she wanted to share her experience.

“This is definitely no joke. I’m amazed already. Learning how to raise vibrations in homes with Diamond Dowsing, the energy in my home was a 30 and I Diamond Dowsed it to 107. Using the plug last night I Diamond Dowsed it and in the morning it had created an energy level of 871. I think it’s going up and I’ll re-measure in a few days.” She’s quite sensitive and says she’s had a headache, aching teeth, I thinks her body’s adjusting to the vibration. So that was one lady. Then I went to a meditation on Sunday and one young woman just moved from California to here and her allergies acted up terribly. Her Naturopath said she had 150 items that she was sensitive to so I gave her the plug and she put it in her house and she felt worse. She said, “Is that thing making me worse?” I said, “Wait another week.”  Well, I just saw her on Sunday and she said, “I have no allergies.” She went back to the Naturopath and he said, “What did you do?” And she said there was no way I could tell him I put a Plug in my house and my allergies went away. She wasn’t about to tell a Naturopath that. “I’m just feeling much better,” she said. Another woman says she has had sinus problems. She moved here from Virginia, they put The Plug in and she said, “My sinuses are cleared and I haven’t had that for years.” A woman who is in a meditation group I go to on Wednesdays fell and hurt her leg and said it was gushing blood and aching. She said, “Oh my gosh, I should use The Plug.” If she had gone to the doctor they probably would have given her antibiotics as well as pain killers. So she said, “I wrapped the cord around my leg and am perfectly fine today.” Another elderly gentleman said his arm was aching. He went to his doctor and he wanted to give him meds for it but he said I’m going to go home and give this Plug a try, so he wrapped it around his arm and said, “I have no pain.”  Also another woman who had allergies has cleared up for her too, so people are coming with their stories. Even a Christmas cactus plant that was in a family for years, the woman thought she’d have to pull it out, and felt so bad; it’s been in her family for years. She plugged in The Plug and a few days later she looked and said, “Oh my gosh, the plant’s revived. It’s looking wonderful.” That’s only a few.


Important Safety Information for People Overseas

This is for the people in countries (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and others) who have 220 voltage or anything that isn’t American, which is 110. The reason I made a plug was I thought it was the most convenient way of getting it out there so that it was simple; all you do is plug it in and that’s it, forget it. Unfortunately, this is creating overheating problems in countries with electrical voltage other than 110. DO NOT plug it into the outlet. If you already have it plugged in, turn it around so the prongs are facing you and either tape it or Velcro it to your outlet, whichever you wish. This will keep the frequency in the house and will not affect the electricity whatsoever. Now the plug is not using electricity so it will not overheat and keeps the frequency attached to the wiring of the house. This will solve all the problems of overheating in countries with 220v and allows it to work exactly as it should.




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