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Affiliate Program

Because of so very little mark up in the product this is designed mostly for those that have a large customer base to refer to. We want affiliate members to have product based enthusiasm so we do require you have been a previous owner of The Plug. We would need to receive an annual fee in exchange for your receiving of a percentage of referred sales paid monthly into your PayPal account.


We are offering 15% of referred sales. That is $5.25 per unit. The annual affiliate fee is $60.00. An average of one unit sold per month more than covers the annual fee. Because of the high cost of shipping, at this time the Affiliate program is not available for those located out of the US.


If you are interested in activating an Affiliate code, please reply with some information about yourself, your location and possible customer base. We will then send out an invoice to your email through PayPal for the membership fee, once that is received we can activate a 3 letter code that will work for you if not already in use. Your customers would insert that code on the "order Page" Commission is paid into your PayPal account on or before the 5th of each month.


Quantity discount is offered on orders of 50 or more units and the cost is reduced to $25 each with customer needing to inquire for actual shipping/handling cost.


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